Thuan PhuongEstablishment and Development

Established in 1983 by Mr. Mai Duc Thuan, Thuan Phuong Embroideries Garments Co., Ltd has become one of top private embroidered and manufactured garment export companies in Viet Nam.

Success in embroidered and manufactured garment field, Thuan Phuong Embroideries Garments Co., has developed into Thuan Phuong Group with multi activities, and invested in many different fields such as clothing, embroideries, hospitals, schools, restaurants, and real estate.


Thuan Phuong Group is proud to be one of the top Vietnamese companies with more than 7000 professional trained employees, full of enthusiasm for development and long term collaboration. Besides, Thuan Phuong Group is inherited by a young administrating team who were trained in MBA, MBS degree in Vietnam, USA, Canada, and Singapore.

With 5S international standard working environment, clean and clear, spacious factory, experienced management teams, and more than 7,000 employees treating best of care and competitive salary, Thuan Phuong Group has attempted to improve in achieving the optimal productivity and the best quality.

With the sloganWe care for your life

Embroideries and Garments to care for your styles
Hospitals to care for your health
Restaurants to care for your meals
Schools to care for Knowledge


The Thuan Phuong Group has received a number of major brands cetificates which include:

ISO 9001 – 2008 Certificate:

ISO 9001 – 2008 Certificate No: FM530467 by BSI

Lean Manufacturing Standard

Other International Standard

As well, we have several other International Standard requirements which are needed in the strict American and European trade markets.


Thuan Group is not only a processing factory but also a manufacturer/vendor who directly sales goods to the world-renowned brands such as: